Joey Mathekga

Head: Corporate Compliance Disclosure and Regulation - CIPC


Acting Head: Corporate Governance, Surveillance and Enforcement - CIPC


Mr Joey Mathekga joined the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition on 08 February 1995 as part of the Directorate: Liquor Affairs; later joined the Companies Office in 1996 which later transformed into CIPRO. CIPRO later transformed and got established in terms of the Companies Act of 2008 as amended, as the CIPC.

Joey has over 26 years in the Public Service, been serving as a supervisor, to a manager, now in Senior Management. Experienced with Administration of the Companies Act. As from 2012 he has been involved with the Enforcement of compliance with the Companies Act. He is an active member of the Corporate Registers Forum and made presentations locally and internationally, sharing learnings and experiences with fellow members from various jurisdictions.

He has a background in Administration, Management and Corporate Law. He is a Business and Programme Owner of the XBRL Project in CIPC since 2015 for XBRL Concept Document development; Business Case Approval; Programme Oversight since implementation on 01 July 2018 to date. He is an Active member of the XBRL International and XBRL SA Board, has Individual Certification of the XBRL Foundation Certificate Exam. His passion is seeing more regulators, government departments and jurisdictions in the region implementing iXBRL and delivering value to the industry at large.