Mark Kingon

Head: Stakeholder Relations - South African Revenue Service (SARS)


He is a respected senior executive who has risen through the ranks of the organisation, having worked in enforcement and in the legal departments of SARS, amongst others.

Mr Kingon joined the then Receiver of Revenue in Pretoria 34 years ago and has occupied various roles within SARS Operations which included Legal Interpretation, Enforcement, Business Systems and Operational Support.

He also served as acting Commissioner for about 18 months until the appointment of the current Commissioner.

He was very closely involved with a subcommittee of the Katz Commission responsible for the Non-Profit Sector. This led to the current tax regime for Public Benefit Organisations and the eventual establishment of the Tax Exemption Unit within SARS that serves this sector.

Mr Kingon matriculated from Clapham High School, Pretoria (Class of 1981) and holds a Bachelor of Administration Degree from the University of South Africa. He is also widely respected within the broader professional tax community.