Michal Piechocki

Chair and CEO: Business Reporting Advisory Group (BR-AG)

Website: https://br-ag.eu

Mr. Michal Piechocki serves in his current capacity since 2007, strategically advising authorities across capital markets, banking and insurance industries as well as business registers and government agencies in 20 jurisdictions on RegTech and SupTech topics.

As a Board Member of the non-profit Eurofiling Foundation he coordinates financial regulatory policies, data and technology initiatives between the European Central Bank, the European Securities and Markets Authority, the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority, the European Banking Authority, the Single Resolution Board, the European Commission, 15 central banks, over 10 national authorities as well as over 30 vendor organizations.

Since 2014 Mr. Piechocki chairs a data standards discussion forum among EU regulators, hosted by the ECB. He has served over 10 years as a Board Member and Steering Committee Member of XBRL International, a global digital reporting standard-setting organization, advancing its educational and certification activities, building technology fit for the digital age and driving adoption across more than 60 jurisdictions world-wide. Since 2007 Mr. Piechocki has served as a member in diverse groups advising on strategic, data, financial reporting and technology-related aspects for the Institute of Management Accountants, International Organisation for Standardisation, IBM and the IFRS Foundation.